The MOISTURE relationship

Uncertain about how DriWater Inc. would respond to such a proposal, I scheduled a phone conference with company liaison, Kent Corley. Little effort was needed to convince Corley about the possibilities for DriWater usage within the MOISTURE project. A day after our phone conversation, Corley called back to tell us that he was very interested in our project and that DriWater Inc. would be providing the needed supplement product for the project.

Most importantly, Corley was interested in the results we would get using the gel in one of the driest deserts on the planet. Corley told us to use our limited funding to obtain all of the plant material we needed and not to worry about the costs of the DriWater product. About a month after our phone conversation, 20 cases of the supplement were delivered to us.

In January 2004 we installed the supply of DriWater at the site. Along with a large team of assistants, we worked rapidly to get all of our plant material in the ground before Martin Luther King Day. Over the next few months we watched a large percentage of our plants thrive on the DriWater supplement, and we replaced those plants and trees not able to adjust to their new arid environs.

DriWater Utilization

The utilization of DriWater within the planting process is a very simple affair. The hole for the plant/tree is dug at a depth of 2 to 3 feet, the DriWater quarts are positioned next to the root-ball of the plant in plastic sleeves, and a few gallons of water are added to start the process. The bacterium in the soil soon starts breaking down the gel and the plant is nourished for a few months time. When the quart is exhausted, a new quart of DriWater quart is inserted into the empty plastic sleeve. All in all, the usage of DriWater keeps our project very low maintenance.

By March 2004, Kent Corley was no longer with DriWater, Inc., so we had to re-convince the company of our project's need for their product. Palma Patrucci, the Rain Bird Corporation’s regional representative, stood behind her company's commitment by supplying us with an additional 80 cases to help our plantings survive the coming summer and beyond.

As of July 2004, we are about to schedule another reinstallation of the DriWater product. The plan is to continue to support the plant material for one year with, and to support the trees for three years. Much work is still to be done.
June, 2004

The MOISTURE project wishes to thank
DriWater, Inc. and their affiliate, Rain Bird Corporation, for all of their support.

DriWater, Inc.
Rain Bird Corporation

We wish to thank Damian Martinez
for tech support and data plotting. We also wish to thank Laura Burns for writing and research assistance.

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The MOISTURE relationship with DriWater, Inc. & Rain Bird Corporation

In the Fall of 2003, Bernard viewed a Landmark Media video production titled 'WATER: THE DROP OF LIFE’ on a local PBS station. One segment of the documentary focused on an experimental irrigation supplement, called DriWater, which was being used in Egypt for a restoration project. The DriWater supplement, is a time-released gel consisting of 97.85% pure water, 2% Cellulose Gum, and 0.15% Aluminum, and is used to grow plant material over a 3-month period without the need for additional liquid hydration.

When we found out about this product we were amazed and intrigued. DriWater was just the thing our newly conceptualized gardens needed to thrive in the parched Mojave conditions. After we discussed the product's usage within the MOISTURE project, it was decided that we make contact with the DriWater, Inc. and its partner, the Rain Bird Corporation. After Laura located some local companies that distributed the product, I decided to go directly to the company to see if we could obtain a wholesale rate on a large purchase of their product.