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Yearning Bush II

February 2004
Copper Tubing, Refrigerator Compressor, Solar Panel and Battery

For Phase II of MOISTURE, my intent was to create a second bush of copper tubing that would replace the evaporator on a small refrigeration unit. Powered by a solar panel this refrigerated bush would increase the temperature variation, allowing for a greater density of condensation on its surface. Heightening my awareness of the disparity between the difficulties of our work on the ground and the spectacular grace of the moisture in the atmosphere was the many technical set backs to the project. Thanks to the generosity and expertise of Graham at GO Solar and Ross at Ross Pray Appliance Repair, the many difficulties were overcome. Like dust particles which serve as the condensation nuclei of the clouds above, MOISTURE I and MOISTURE II create the opportunity for the accumulation of water and ideas. Likewise my hope with the Yearning Bush II is to create a tangible manifestation of the presence of moisture in the desert atmosphere.