Moisture1 (Oct.2002)

Since quite a few years I have been wondering if providing shade in the desert would slow down the evaporation from the soil which is one of the principal causes of desertification. I have these yards of a green 50% transparent material. I'm planning to cover an area with it, stretching it 2 or 3 feet above the ground. I want to check the area before, noting animal traces and lairs, state of vegetation etc... Then at some time in the future to be determined, check the area again for possible changes. [ > ]



The Fake Ginger

Observing the growth of a ginger plant, I noticed that every morning dew drops where on its leaves. The dew collector of Vignola, Corsica, that can be seen on the site of the International Organization For Dew Utilization has a highly sofisticated isolating lining.I made a fake ginger plant. I glued 1/4" styrofoam under each steel leaf. I will not have enough time to make a whole series of them (with different qualities in color, surface of the leaves and materials) as was my first intention. [ > ]

( beneath the shade )

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Bernard Perroud

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