1. Rainwater Harvesting Provider List
2. Desert Botanical Garden: THE DESERT HOUSE
3. Domestic Roofwater Harvesting Program
4. Groundwater Dams
5. Rainbarrels
6. Rainwater Harvesting 1
7. Rainwater Harvesting 2
8. Rainwater Harvesting in Rural Areas
9. Roofwater Tappers
10. Using Rainwater
11. Leaf and Soil Moisture
12. The Long Now Weather Station
13. Artificial Aquifers
14. Water Procurement
15. The Age of Dams
16. Water Wings Aid Desert Survival
17. Ferrocement Tanks
18. Fog Collection
19. Cofferdams
20. Traditional Water Harvesting Systems
21. Soil Ecology and Rainfall Catchments
22. Hydrology and Remote Sensing Laboratory
23. Simulation of Ground-Water Flow in the Mojave River Basin
24. Desert Animal Survival
25. Aggregate Plants
26. Harvesting Water Homepage

1. The Negev: The Challenge of a Desert
by Michael Evenari, Leslie Shanan, and Naphtali Tadmor
2. The Secret Knowledge of Water
by Craig Childs
3. The Day of Creation
by J.G. Ballard
4. Water: a Natural History
by Alice Outwater
5. Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual
by Bill Mollison
6. Eco-Geography: What We See When We Look At Landscapes
by Andreas Suchantke
7. Sensitive Chaos: The Creation of Flowing Forms in Water and Air
by Theodor Schwenk
8. The Void, The Grid, & The Sign: Traversing the Great Basin
by William Fox
9. Desert Waters: From Ancient Aquifer to Modern Demands
by Nancy R. Laney

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1. Wall of Voodoo
“Call of the West” Call of West
2. Radiohead
“Where I End and You Begin” Hail to the Thief
3. David Bowie
“The Secret Life of Arabia” Heroes
4. Roxy Music
“The Bogus Man” For Your Pleasure
5. David Sylvian
“Late Night shopping” Blemish
6. Beck
“Little One” Sea Change
7. The Orb
“Valley” Orbus Terrarum
8. Autechre
“Foil” Amber
9. Arvo Part
“Fur Alina” Alina
10. Wire
“Map Ref. 41 degrees North 93 degrees West” 154
11. Mark Hollis
“Watershed” self-titled
12. Gary Numan
“M.E.” The Pleasure Principal
13. Adult
“Dispassionate Furniture” Resuscitation
14. Simple Minds
“Sweat in Bullet” Sons and Fascination
15. Cabaret Voltaire
“Talking Time” The Crackdown