Sunday, December 23, 2007

On October 28th, Deena and I went out to the MOISTURE site with my colleague and friend, Ashwani who is an environmental planner and professor at California State University, Northridge. As we usually do, we stopped at the CLUI DRS before heading out to the site. We spent our afternoon re-filling the DriWater sleeves (some were completely empty) and planting a few new plants in spots where others had not survived.
We worked quickly and returned home to Altadena to join, Mary, Ashwani's wife for dinner. Here are a few pictures from our day at the site.


On 11-24-07 Deena went out to the MOISTURE site with, Alejandro and Silvina, two members of Argentinian collective, Ala Plastica. The two were in town to participate in the Transitory Publics events in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Mexico.

According to Deena, it was a beautiful day with temps in the low 70s with a slight cool breeze. They left early in the morning from the Rancho Cucamonga studio, arriving at the CLUI DRS at 8:30am. They quickly filled the water jugs and headed out to the site.

Along with the water, they brought out the remaining Acacia Gregii, that Deena started from seed, 3 Yucca Schidigera, 1 Agavi Desertii, and 3 cartons of DriWater. At the site, the planted trees looked good. They were still 'topped-off' with DriWater so the team was able to focus on planting and supplementing the gardens with water.

Deena said that it was clear that Alejandro and Silvina were very experienced working with plants. They were able to easily put 9 plants into the ground, make a second run for water, and they were able to repair a few of the protective cages.
Silvina and Deena wove salt bush around the bamboo cloth that had eroded in the extreme desert conditions.

Silvina proved to be an fine weaver. She came up with a quick solution to weaving and attaching the salt bush to the protective cages. Her method was faster than using the bamboo material alone.

Alejandro practiced his Enlgish with Deena as they discussed the differences and similarities between the Mojave and the deserts of Argentina. They three stayed and watched beautiful full moon rise over the desert before they all headed back to Altadena in the Jeep.

All the images in the previous posting were taken on Deena's trip with Silvina and Alejandro. Enjoy!

Some images from Deena's trip out to the MOISTURE site with the members of Ala Plastica:

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