Monday, May 28, 2007

Hello folks,

We are obviously back-logged on our posting to this blog so please forgive us. Since August of 2006 we've been out at the MOISTURE site 3 times: once in November of 06, once in March of 07, and once this month, which is May of 2007. Since we started our work on this site, back in the Fall of 2003, we've never seen the area so dry. Apparently, the 'green' season never came. It seems very little rainfall fell, and though we haven't checked the numbers, we are guessing it's the driest this part of the Mojave has seen in years. Below are some images from our last trips out. The pics at the bottom show Deena talking to some students from UCLA that Emily Scott brought out on the 12th, just a few weeks ago. Lisa Tucker and Nance from Chicago joined us that day to.

Hopefully it won't be so long before our next posting.

--Claude & Deena

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