Tuesday, August 15, 2006

On Saturday, August 12th, Deena and I left Alta Loma at 1:30pm to head out to the MOISTURE site. We didn’t need to stop anywhere since we had all of the ice and water that we needed. About 20 miles onto Interstate 15, we hit some slowing traffic, but things cleared up. It happened again about 10 miles from Barstow, but this time it was a serious accident. Traffic came to a dead stop and we sat for about 30 minutes while the medevac helicopters came down and picked up the injured. We saw a white truck flipped over as we approached the offramp.

We made it to the CLUI DRS by 4:00pm, and there will filled out water containers and Super-soakers. Arriving at the site around 4:45pm, the temperature was already getting cooler. Deena found numerous trees that had their roots attacked, but were still hanging on. Near other plantings we found the remains of dug-up Nutri-packs. Most of the trees had some DriWater remaining from our last visit, and overall, things looked quite good.

I started refilling DriWater in Garden Six as Deena went around taking off lids and adding water. We moved from tree to tree, she watered and I added the gel caps. We spent about two and a half hours there working and finished with a few pictures just as the shadows were at their longest.

As we were finishing up, I found the headless body of a jackrabbit in the back catchment area. Seemed to be the work of a coyote.

We left the site at 7:30 and headed back to the DRS to drop off our jugs, but not after a quick stop at the 'exploding house' that seems to look more destroyed each visit. After one final stop at the Hinkley Market, we were back on the 15 heading back to Cucamonga. The next day we had to meet Daino in Riverside.


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