Sunday, July 23, 2006

We are having some problems with large gaps at the tops of our posts.
I hope to fix that. Stay cool. It's hot as hell here in SoCal and we are not in a desert at the present time.

I forgot these images from my last posting. Here are the heavily-chewed caps. Seems some of these animals are ingesting large amounts of plastic.

It's about 115 out in the Mojave and it was 109 in Pasadena yesterday. We gave a talk at UCLA yesterday about MOISTURE. Went well. Small group.
We should be back out at the site in August. Hopefully we'll find some people to come out with us. We'll have to persuade Mark.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday, July 11th, 2006

We left on the 11th around 1:00pm. The day was picked because it was to be in the lower 90s. It was above 100 degrees the days before. On our way out, we stopped at Stater Bros. to get ice. It was perhaps the coolest day of the last 15 days, and it was very windy at the site. At first glance, things looked good. The bad news is that 7 trees had roots attacked, and all of the Agave and all of the Yucca Whippli were gone, chewed down. More caps were completely chewed up and strewn around the site. Even worse, two of the 7 attacked trees are dead. We did our best to try and save the other five.

The deep heat summer may keep them from surviving. Nonetheless, the growth is looking good, and most of our plantings are doing more than just surviving. Some had almost no DriWater while other plants had quite a bit left. In Garden #2, we lost 2 of 3 Creosote on the edge. They've been chewed down, but some of the grasses planted years ago are coming back. Some Ephedra are also surviving w/o DriWater. That's surprising.

We did everything in a little under 3 hours. We gave each tree 4 gallons as opposed to the 8 we did last year, and we used almost 4 cases of DriWater. Also of note is the fact that the burrowing animals are digging up the nutrient packs. There are lots of problems, but nothing as devastating as 2 years ago. July of 2004 was a nightmare
and we hope we never have a month like that again.


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