Sunday, June 11, 2006

On Friday, June 2nd, Deena and I headed out to the Moisture site for yet another day or work. We left Altadena around 9:00am, stopped in Rancho Cucamonga to get the tools and Driwater from the studio, and continued on to the BC Cafe to fuel up for the long day.

We hit almost no traffic heading out on Interstate 15, arriving at the CLUI DRS around 1:00pm. Once there, Deena checked out the growth of the trees on the drip system. As expected, they look absolutely fabulous! Pure love.

We grabbed the water jugs, filled up all 10 of them, along with the two Super- Soakers, and headed out to the site. It was about 100 degrees so we made sure to soak each other before we left. 25 minutes later we arrived at the Moisture site and our clothes were bone dry.

Within minutes of our arrival we both got to work. The two of us started replenishing DriWater, systematically keeping track of the areas replenished with white poles as markers. I worked on Garden #7 and moved on to the struggling yuccas that had their DriWater sleeve caps badly chewed. The bite marks were clear symbols of animal desperation. The Agaves, protected only by low cages, had been attacked recently. The sharp edges were no match for the hungry critters.

Deena worked on some of the newer plantings and then we worked together on each tree, moving from plant to to plant with little effort. Deena would remove the caps and hold back the tree while I cut open the capsules and dropped in the moist gel pack.

Many of the trees are already past their cage height and are quickly nearing the 4 foot mark. It is only a matter of time before the change in the site becomes apparent to the visitor. We already notice a significant change.

By 5:00pm we completed our DriWater duties. We used the remaining water on the trees and headed back to the DRS to get more.

While refilling at the DRS we ran into Jim and Julianne.
We talked with them for a bit, while we filled the jugs, but before long we were back on the road, headed to the site once again. Back at the site, around 6:00pm, we quickly moved around the newbies, adding even more water to these thirsty youngsters.

At 6:45pm we wrapped things up. The Jeep was soon packed and we were back on the road. We dumped off our jugs at the DRS, stopped at the Hinkley Market for a quick drink, and made it on the 15 before dark.

We will be back again soon. Hopefully the Jackrabbits will take it easy on the little guys. July is the month for heavy damage, and we hope there will be little of it the next time we visit.


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