Monday, December 19, 2005

On Sunday, December 19th, Deena and I headed out to the MOISTURE site from Rancho Cucamonga. We arrived at 1:00pm and immediately got to work. Deena started off by putting one of our Acacia smallii, grown from the GardenLab days in 2004, in the ground. It was grown from seed and is now quite a tall little tree. As Deena got planting, I replenished DriWater in Garden #6 and around Garden #3. I tended mostly to the Baccharis and the Yuccas. Once I completed that part of the project, I helped Deena replenish the Cercidium floridum and Prosopis pubescens trees with new DriWater capsules. These trees have shown significant growth since our last trip out in September and some look so healthy we expect them to do well over the coming year.

Deena made the decision to end the application of DriWater to the creosotes on our last trip out. This time, they all seemed to be doing well. The two years of feeding served them well.

We finished the day by planting a total of 3 Acacia smallii in spots where other trees had not survived. We even tried new fortification methods.

By 4:30 the sun was coming down. What a beautiful sunset it was! With the sky all ablaze, we packed up the Jeep and headed home. Vegas traffic wasn't so bad, and we made it home in good time.

Deena should be out again with a few of her PCC students to bring more of the Acacia smallii out to their new home. More details later.


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