Sunday, May 22, 2005

On Saturday, May 14th, Deena and I headed out to the Moisture site, leaving Rancho Cucamonga around 11:00am. After a short stop for food in Victorville, one of the most soulless places in the American Southwest, we made our first stop in Hinkley at the CLUI DRS to get some water and to observe the new trees and their drip system. We arrived at the site around 1:40pm and hauled out the 6 cases of DriWater and the 12 gallons of water we brought along. In early March, during our last trip out, we left behind 12 gallons in 2 green containers. Warm enough to take a bath in, we used almost of this water in the process of replenishing DriWater capsules.

Deena and I were quite pleased with what we found. The annuals had already bloomed and died out, and the shrubs and trees appeared to be thriving. The baccharis sarothroides had grown in height, --several inches—in Garden #6, and the Ephedra in Garden #2 also grew a number of inches.

Upon close observation, the trees looked quite healthy. We are going to work hard to keep them that way. The Yuccas have been the biggest success so far, and the ones planted in early March look great.

All of them still had an adequate supply of DriWater. Our lone Joshua tree is taking off. We’ll be keeping a close eye on it over the coming summer.

During our next trip out in the coming week, the plan is to bring Gator Bags—for slow a long, slow soak—along with some organic nutrients too promote more trees and shrub height growth. At the present time, the balance of plants and trees allows for easy maintenance by Deena and I.

We wrapped things up around 6:00pm and headed home in light traffic. Apparently, Steve, Matt, and Sarah from the CLUI were out on the very next day to do some work at the DRS. They visited the site, commented on the apparent dryness of things, and sent along some additional images.

We go out again with a week. More news later.


PS: Below are a few more images of the blooming life at the site.

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