Monday, March 07, 2005


On Saturday, March 5th, we met at Deena's studio in Rancho Cucamonga
at 10:00am. We left in 2 cars: Mark Tsang and I in one, and Deena and Michael
in the Jeep. Deena's foot is still in bad shape, so Michael had to take over the driving chores.

After a stop at the Barstow In-N-Out Burger (Michael's idea) we proceeded to the CLUI DRS. There we filled up with water, took a look at Deena's trees (one has a nest) now living on a drip system (installed by Matt from the Center), and we took some photos of the first MOISTURE ONE project. Lots of flowers covered the water receptacle pods (see image below).

With the 5 water containers back in the JEEP, we headed to the site. Maneuvering carefully around some very large puddles, we made it there around 1:30pm. Upon arrival, we spent a few minutes observing all of the growth. Everything was so GREEN!

We fixed the wheelbarrow by pumping up the tire and installing new bolts.

After hauling out all of the water to the site, along with the Baccharis and Yucca
Whipplei shrubs, we broke into teams and got to work. Deena and Michael set to planting the new shrubs while Mark and I replaced DriWater for many of the new trees. Rain Bird sent us 3 very large boxes of round sleeves (with caps) so this was our first opportunity to replace the aging quart cartons that we had been using again and again.

It appears that summer and winter are the seasons most critical for plants to
survive, and this winter saw more days of freezing temperature than we expected.

We noticed frost damage on the two Cercidum Floridums that survived the first full year. And the trees planted this past Fall are, for the most part, doing fine except for some noticeable frost damage (on the limbs).

The Olneya Testota (Ironwood Trees) seemed to have suffered the most over the winter season. But, we will have to wait until later this Spring to see if they will be healthy enough to survive the coming summer.

Even though the rains have been great for the perennials and annuals, there is still
an ongoing struggle for the new shrubs and trees to take hold.

After five hours of work, we exhausted our DriWater supply and stopped to feast on all of the great food Deena brought along. Deena and Michael put almost 10 shrubs in the ground and three returned home with us. Those little guys got to see their new home, but they were taken away before they got to know it too well.

All four of us worked very hard, and the weather was absolutely wonderful. We wrapped things up around 6:00pm and packed the vehicles to leave just as the sun was setting.
Mark and I followed Deena and Michael on the way out. We once again maneuvered around the deep puddles and made it to the 15 by 7:00. Back in Cucamonga we celebrated the day with a dinner at Filipes.

We hope to be back again very soon.


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