Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Thanks to Damian Martinez, we have the comprehensive data from 2004 (April to December) for the MOISTURE main site. Damian worked on the plots a few days, after I sent him the entire batch, and he sent the files to me via email. Since April, I've be using our wireless system, powered by an on-site solar panel, to collect soil moisture data from 5 crucial areas within the MOISTURE project test site. The data shows readings from five moisture sensors, positioned throughout the site, and how the gardens and gabion are retaining moisture. The deluge of rainfall during the final stages of the year is obvious at first glance, but what is more interesting is each garden's unique ability to retain moisture in a slightly different manner than the other documented test areas. Garden #2, which has had the most excavation, seems to be utilizing its water the best seeing how it is the deepest of the gardens. Damian will work on some additional 'week to week' plots from 2004 that we hope to learn from.

Our on-site solar panel charges a battery which powers a subsurface datalogger that is connected to the sensors. We also monitor the voltage daily so we can be sure the logger has the power needed to function properly.

Our plan was to go out the site this past Friday, but Deena broke three of her toes and so our plans were cancelled. Deena has also been helping Matt from the CLUI at the DRS in Hinkley. They are setting up a drip-irrigation system for the new trees just planted there.


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