Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Hello all,

CLAUDE: All good questions, Bernard. Let's see if I can answer any of them.
I also posted to the BLOG so please look there too.

Bernard: We should collect individual pictures of the participants to include them with their own blurb; which, I think, should be limited to a certain number of words (how many?) and without references to prior work.
CLAUDE: How about under 3 sentences (not too long). Honest language preferred..would you all agree. No BS...choose words wisely...short and succinct.
Any other opinions?? Please do send me a photo as a JPEG. Anyone who cannot do this? Should we include Lambchop's Photo?

Bernard: I would like to see some kind of log made of extracts from emails, blogs and other notes, that would be dated, accompanying pictures and other iconographical data.
CLAUDE: I would like to see that too. I've been really stumped about the positioning of text to work along with the images. Anyone wanna go thru the email archives and put something together. Might be cool for us to see, but could be boring and unorganized for the uninitiated. Any comments on this matter. Lots of messages to go thru.

Bernard:I think this image organization for the pictures is good for our archives but on the website they should appear related to particular dates, field trips, notes, etc. Don't you think?
CLAUDE: Again, another daunting task that I could start on asap if nobody else is willing to give it a go. Once I do this, how would I arrange the bits in an interesting manner? Could every one transcribe all of their field notes and check their email archives. I must say that I am worried about all of this providing a passive experience for the navigator: "Here's exactly what Moisture is all about and we are filling in all the gaps for you." Images that directly support texts, hmm,....this all reminds me of how the newspaper functions. Bernard, do you really think we should spell it all out for the casual navigator. I thought our initial goal was to provide a site that was as experiential as it was informative. Any other comments on this? What do you all think?

Bernard: It could be interesting to use the same technique (see: thethingasitis). But do we have enough appropriate quotes?
CLAUDE: I do think we have enough quotes. A string of them will work nicely... sets up a visual rhythm. Keeps people moving thru the site at a nice pace. Pacing is something to consider...few sites do.

One more thing: I've been thinking about what you've said, Bernard, and I do think we should put together some additional texts so we don't suffer from the 'stand-alone' image. The image without backing works poorly in this context. Tomorrow afternoon I'll start digging thru the email messages I have and I'll start putting together chunks of things we've discussed and I'll post to the group. Everyone else: if you have the time...see what you have in your files, put it all together, and email it to me or post to the blog. Comments? Suggestions.

PS: Deena and I go to the Mojave with PCC students from the Block Program. Will be gone all Saturday and most of Sunday.
Hello all,

Steve Rowell put up (using iView) the many possible images to be used on the Moisture site. Of course, we will not be using all of them, but this will allow us to see what is to be worked with.
Just thought you'd all like to take a peek. Susan's video captures are not on this gallery yet. Will be soon.


We now must wait to hear back from one of those landowners. Keep your fingers crosses. I'm sorry this whole process has taken so long, but it is our only way to proceed at this point.
When we confirm a land purchase, we will have to arrange a "charrette" (sp?)...maybe a 24 hour one where we can design our project and put things down on paper. Those who choose to work on special projects, outside of the collaborative one, should bear down and get things underway, at least the planning stages. We are one month away from Moisture 2 and the crunch is on. We must stay focused, and please, do try to keep many weekend dates open this coming month. We'll need it for planning. I'm thinking a few trips out...some photo taking of the site....then a return to LA for a meeting of the minds.

Thanks again for participating in the "quote vote". Will post the results tomorrow afternoon.
Kathy and Adam: please do send any texts or writings pertaining to your projects from last year.
You can hold off on any writings pertaining to this year's investigations. So send asap...we start building the site next week.

I know I'm forgetting something.....Ah, yes...thanks Bernard for the final bits of feedback. Will work those into the text. Tell me what I'm missing.


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